Dam Trau Beach, Con Dao Island, Vietnam
Con Dao Island, Vietnam
Con Dao Island, Vietnam

Visit Con Dao

Dining options in Con Dao are becoming more plentiful. Located on Nguyen Duc Thuan St., Tri Ky restaurant offers tasty, fresh seafood at reasonable prices, and has an English menu available. The Saigon Con Dao resort has a restaurant where you can enjoy the view of both the ocean and the old Con Dao prison museum. The Six Senses Resort also offers luxury dining options for travelers, but the location of the hotel is outside of the main town.

Fresh seafood and Vietnamese traditional food

One of the best things Con Dao offer is the tastiest seafood as it was meant to be eaten. Good local restaurant with good service and good seafood, which may be most of things that a tourist thrives for.

Place to eat:

– Phuong Hanh Restaurant, 38C Nguyen Hue St.
– Tri Ky Restaurant, Nguyen Duc Thuan St.
– Saigon Con Dao Resort Restaurant
– ATC Resort Restaurant, 8 Ton Duc Thang St.
– Ốc 42 Restaurant, 42 Nguyen Hue St. (entrance on Vo Thi Sau St.)


Why don’t you try a café in the most pristine beach of Vietnam? Spend time enjoying drinks or a light snack while enjoying the sunset off the Con Dao coastline.

Place to eat:

– Cafe Infiniti, Corner of Pham Van Dong and Tran Huy Lieu Streets
– Con Son Café, Ton Duc Thang St.

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