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Visit Buon Me Thuot

Although it is somewhat out-of-the-way, Buon Ma Thuot is more than worth visiting. It is famous for its smooth and rich coffee. There are so many nice café hidden away on side streets throughout the northern part of the city - just wander around and see what you can find. Try to drink like a local – order a either extra strong or extra sweet coffee, with condensed milk and ice.

There are limited dining options in Buon Ma Thuot, but you can find few places offering some excellent Vietnamese dishes. Try those found in Ly Thuong Kiet, close to the inexpensive hotels; Quan Com Tieu Linh in Hung Vuong and Thanh Hung on Nguyen Dinh Chieu. If you would like to get some Western food, Bon Trieu is worth a try. There are number of beer bars around Buon Ma Thuot, most can be found in the central area.

Vietnamese traditional food

It's not easy to scare up some good grab in Buon Me Thuot. The market may look promising, but most of the wares are fresh fruits, veggies, and raw meat.

Ninh Hoa is a famous Vietnamese dish in Buon Me Thuot, including meat and vegetables wrapped in rice paper and soaked in peanut sauce. Noodles in Buon Me Thuot are not the most excellent but also worth to try.

Place to eat:

– Quan Com Tieu Linh, on Hung Vuong
– Thanh Hung, on Nguyen Dinh Chieu


What should not be missed in Buon Ma Thuot is the coffee. The town's coffee is smooth and rich, with a hint of chocolate. Locals drink it either extra strong or extra sweet, with condensed milk and ice.

Place to eat:

– Trung Nguyen Village, Ly Thai To St.
– Cafe 50A on the corner of No Trang Long and Ly Thuong Kiet
– The Forget Me Not Café, 29 Le Hong Phong St.

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