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Ong Dung Primary Forest

Ong Dung is a small bay, about 3 km to center, 6 km to travel boat terminal and 16 km to the airport. Along the way, visitors will see historical places and perennial plants. From March to September, take 2 or 3 hours to explore the forest and beach Ong Dung. You will have an…

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Dam Tre Bay

From Cỏ Ống, you can walk for about 2 hours or traveling by train that takes about 1 hour 10 minutes, you will reach the Dam Tre Bay. Con Dao Tours Tours in Con Dao

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Con Dao Museum

About 13 km away from the airport, the Con Dao Museum is located opposite the Pier 914 “Cầu Tàu 914” with an area of about 2 hectares. In the past, this is the working place of 53 generations of Island Governor known for cruelty, where is the concentration of power on the island. Con Dao…

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Phu Son Prison, Con Dao

Phu Son Prison is 14 km away from the airport, was built by French colonists in 1908 and completed in 1916. Through many different names, after the treaty of Paris in 1973, this prison was called “Phú Sơn”. Con Dao Tours Tours in Con Dao

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Phu Hai Prison

Located near Phu Son prison, Phu Hai Prison was the main and oldest prison in the prison system in Con Dao. Phu Hai Prison has area of 12.015m2 including 10 big prison cells; 1 special prison cell; 20 small cells (quarry) Con Dao Tours Tours in Con Dao

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Nui Mot Pagoda

Nui Mot Pagoda is located on the Temple “Mot” Mountain of Con Dao island district, built by the US government in 1964 to serve the spiritual life of the staff family who worked in the administration, officials or soldier on the island, besides the purpose of repression and torture the prisoners on the island. Con…

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