At EVIVA TOUR VIETNAM, our expertly crafted itineraries are designed to feature the cultural heart of Singapore while offering unique opportunities for unforgettable experiences. We can customise each of our tours to match your preferred travel period, touring needs and budget for a tailor-made journey designed just for you.

It all began in 1959, when the British made the first step of “Singapore freedom release” by giving this country an autonomy. After that, with great hopes for the future and a wise policy leader of Lee Kuan Yew’s government, Singapore has developed amazingly from a very poor, backward, mud covered island to a very big economic powers, a “Dragon of Asia”. Facilities, education, medical treatment etc. have been significantly improved since. Plus, nowadays, the country has highly developed tourism industry with Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay, Botanic Gardens, Raffles Hotel, Changi Chapel and Museum, Singapore Zoo, etc. Thus, “the Lion Island” has become one of the most attractive destination for tourists all around the world.

Singapore is a small island with a diamond shape surrounded by many others small island, including the main island, Pulau Ujong. This country is a state and also a South East Asia nation island, located between Malaysia and Indonesia. Jurong Island, Pulau Tekong, Pulau Ubin and Sentosa are the largest of Singapore’s smaller islands. Nearly 10% of Singapore’s land has been set aside for parks and nature reserves. The network of nature reserves, parks, nature ways, tree-lined roads and other natural areas have enhanced the sense of green space in the city. Singapore is no doubt one of the cleanest countries in the world and of course, one of the hottest attraction for visitors from all places.

With the population of 5.560.302 people, Singapore has diverse population structure composed of many races from China, India, Indonesia, the Malay Peninsula and the Middle East, bring their own cultural traits, languages, customs and their festivals to Singapore. The four official languages of Singapore Constitution are English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil with others traditional language. Almost all Singaporeans can speak more than one language, in which many people can speak to three or four languages so it is very convenient for the communication between civilian and tourists.

Although has been known as one of the most expensive countries, Singapore service qualification is always at its best and make a big satisfaction for traveler or should we say: Worth every single penny. Come to Singapore means that you will experience one of the best travel services and that will make you want to come back again for many times later.
Here we have some tourist most favourite destinations which you must experience when travel to “The Lion Island”.


Marina Bay Sands

This is the largest hotel in Singapore, make tourist fascinated by an extremely unique design, provides wonderful shopping and dinning experiences, utility entertaining systems, conference and world-class exhibitions, etc. Officially opened on the last 23/6/2010, located on the banks of the beautiful Marina Bay with the attendent of many celebrities such as Diana Ross and Kelly Rowland. With a conference center with 250 rooms, has a capacity of over 45,000 delegates and the largest banquet rooms in Southeast Asia, can accommodate up to 11,000 people. From that, “steal”the title of the most expensive hotels in the world.

In addition, the hotel also has an Art road Marina Bay Sands Art Path, one of the largest arts complexes ever completed as a component of the overall architecture of this chain. With seven large works of art demonstrate by five internationally renowned artists will offer a space, emotion and great furniture. You will have the opportunity to experience firsthand and direct feel more artwork.

Singapore flyer

Visiting Singapore flyer you can see an elevation equivalent to the height of a 42 storey building, bigger than the famous London Eye ferris wheel in England. This is quite superficial carousel, with 28 passenger cabins with air conditional. You can walk or sit comfortably in the cabin and have a panoramic view of Singapore from many different angles: the Esplanade – The durian theater, Sea Lion Park, Raffles bustling business district etc. Inside the cabin, you will not feel dizzy or shock while in high operation. Because of the rotation is very smooth, each rotation of the Singapore Flyer lasted exactly 30 minutes.

The best time to enjoy Singapore flyer is at the time of sunset, so you can watch the sun going down in the island nation. And after enjoying the scenic views, you can experience many unique cocktail like “A Lady’s Dream”. “Milky Way”. “Highland Cigar”, which you will only find at the Flyer Lounge cocktail. Located in the Singapore Flyer, the Flyer Lounge brings together most famous bartender and sommelier in Singapore. Besides the unique recipes of the cocktail, Flyer Lounge also serves boasts rare spirits as well as an extremely attractive menu.

Garden by the Bay

Just less than 5 minutes walk from Marina Bay, with great scenery, 3 bayside garden: South Bay and East Bay on either side, and Bay Central is located between. you will be overwhelmed by the huge brilliant colors artificial tree at night, with many rare species of flowers are brought from around the world.

Designed by architect Monet with a total investment cost of up to $ 1 billion in Singapore and has a huge area of 101 hectares (250 acres). Gardens by the Bay is located in the heart of Singapore’s new urban area on the shores of Marina Bay, next to Marina freshwater lake and Marina Bay Sands casino complex Marina Bay Sands casino. Alongside with Marina Bay Sands, Singapore flyer, Garden by the Bay is one more unique highlight which made Marina bay become the central of tourism and became Singapore’s premier urban outdoor recreation space, A national icon.

If you want to escape from the tropical heat, go to the greenhouse equipped complex cooling system with the award-winning works of the Year at the World Architecture Festival 2012. With 16,000 m2, Flower Dome is the largest glass greenhouse in the world – Guinness World record for 2015. There are approximately 217,000 trees belonging to 800 species are vulnerable due to climate change and human activities. Meanwhile, the Cloud Forest area make visitors to feel the tropical climate on Mount Kinabalu of Malaysia or in the Himalayan foothills. In addition, the Cloud Forest also has a 35m high mountains with waterfalls, rhododendrons and orchids are arranged delicate white above.

Singapore zoo

Was opened on 27th June 1973 on 80 Mandai Lake Road, with an area of 28 hectares. There are more than 3200 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, fishes of which about 16% of threatened species. Singapore zoo is a very special zoo different from many others zoo with no fences or nets that are designed surrounded by trees and plants. Barriers also be minimized to create comfort for visiting and intimacy between the viewer and the animals.

There are of course abundant and highly interactive animal performances. Includes circus animals, “Animal Friends Show”, “Elephants at Work and Play “and “Rainforest Fights Back”. Come close to the polar bear Inuka, bear cats and Wolverine in the Frozen Tundra, the best performing area. See more orangutan playing comfortable in the first freedom habitat in the world.

Visit the elephants in the “Elephants of Asia”, you will be amazed by smart performances and their ingenuity. Step into the woods “Fragile Forest “, you will be welcome by the naughty grown and fruit bats. Observe the animals when they are most active at mealtimes and you can even feed them manually.

Sentosa island

“Sentosa” in Malay means peace and quiet. With more than 5 million visitors every year. Sentosa Island is a familiar name for tourists when travel to Singapore. A romantic island is about 15 minutes close to the city center and Sentosa is the fourth largest island of Singapore. Just 15 minutes from the center of the city, Sentosa is an idyllic resort island with pristine beaches of about 2km coastline, world-class attractions, amazing Sentona Aquarium sea sports, golf courses and resorts.

There are plenty of fun activities at Sentosa to satisfy your tastes. The adventurous will enjoy the Skyline Luge Sentosa Raceway, nature lovers can explore hiking trails and wonderful things at Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom or explore the flora and fauna through the tour guide called Discover Nature Sentosa. To learn more about culture, go to the Museum of Images of Singapore. And if you’re a fan of sports, you can enjoy a beach volleyball match at Siloso Beach, Sentosa wave surfing at the Wave House and to elevate your senses with the water music performance called “Song of the sea”at nightfall. Hungry? There are more than 50 restaurants from budget to luxury, to satisfy every taste of the customers.



1. Singapore is the name of the city, the capital and also the name of one country
2. The name originates from Singapore : Malay “Sing” – the lion and the Sanskrit “pur “- city
3. One of the 20 smallest countries in the world with an area of only 718 km2
4. The population density of Singapore always ranked high in the ranking (No. 3 out of 242 world countries).
5. 40 % of Singaporeans are Buddhist, 14 % are Christians and Muslims, the rest are Hindu, Confucian,…
6.Singapore’s national flower is Vanda Miss Joaquim flowers – an orchid flower blooming round year. This flower is a symbol of desire, rising aspirations and progress of Singapore.
7. the symbol of Singapore is the lion fish bearing (Merlion). The festival honoring the legendary mascot species was held in September each year.
8.Singapore was among the top 10 countries with low corruption rate (head of Asia).
9. Singapore is a very safe country. Very low crime rate, the local Mafia organization (if any) are brutally suppressed.
10. One of the reasons brought great health for citizens of Singapore which is a healthy diet. According to Forbes magazine, Singapore came in second place (after Japan) for the quality of food, bringing a positive impact on health, general health and longevity. The food experts admire the abundance of food in Singapore. Creativity is expressed through mixing cuisines oriental (China, Malaysia, India) with cuisine from the West. Irrespective of caste and prices, the food is always fresh and quality everywhere.
11. Changi International Airport is the largest airport in the Southeast Asian region with more than 30 million passengers per year.
12.Seaports in Singapore are ranked as the world’s best, leading the ratings and the friendly environment in Asia.
13. In Singapore, you can not find slums. Everywhere are clean and orderly.
14. Formula 1 race held on the only night in Singapore.
15. In Singapore, the fine is very high. For example : Poor spitting in public places ($ 500), smoking in public places ($ 500), throw garbage in designated places ($ 500),…
16. Singapore has no natural resources. They imported sand or even fresh water from “the neighbors” Malaysia.


1. Moving and vehicles
The most popular low-cost carrier flying from Vietnam to Singapore today is Tiger Airways, Jetstar, Lion Air with flights between Hanoi – Singapore or TP. HCM – Singapore. Vietnam Airlines and Singapore Airlines also offers special promotions for this route.
Jetstar and Tiger Airways landed at the main terminal – Terminal 1 and 2 (attached to Changi airport), very convenient when you travel into the city by subway (MRT).
Best time for ticketing is two weeks before departure, or when there are promotions (remember to check the prices, taxes and surcharges before deciding to buy). There are customers successful hunt for coupon only have to spend about 2 million / return ticket.

2. Vehicles when travelling in Singapore
Bus and Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system in Singapore is ranked among the best. Just steps to the subway or bus, you can reach almost all the most famous tourist destinations in Lion Island. The vehicles in Singapore:
• MRT meet 90% of the travel demand: In Singapore there are three main routes: the red line (North South), purple (North East), blue (East West), this is the name for each direction of the route ship. The most convenient when traveling MRT, bus and metro (subway out Sentosa) is available to buy EZ Link card.
• Bus: Operates from 6h00 am to midnight. Fares range from 1 to 1.5 S $ with no air-conditioned vehicle; air conditioned car rates from 1 to 1.8 S $. Should be prepared coin or card EZLink because the driver will not rot / exchange for you.
• Taxi: Charges for the first 1 km is S $ 2.8, after which charges are S $ 0.2 for every subsequent 330m. Whether it is the same distance, go to the different time frames, the price will also vary. After 12:00 AM, taxi fees charged more at 50%. Getting a taxi in Singapore is relatively difficult. You are looking for spots Taxi Stand to wait, or call a taxi book in advance.

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