Visit Yangon

Formerly the nation's official capital, nowadays Yangon is the most important commercial hub in Myanmar. The city’s skyline is prevailed by the 'blinking wonder' of Shwedagon Paya, a dazzling Buddhist temple that draws palmers from all walks of life. Yangon is an incredible blend of golden pagodas, intact colonial buildings, hastily-erected scaffolding and history-stained streets.

The city’s structure manifests its colorful history of ethnic and religious diversity while providing a backdrop to the vibrant energy of the daily urban life. The city hosts a lineup of museums, art galleries and markets, in which you can take in Myanmar culture and haggle to your heart’s content.

However, it is also so-called a city of the past, as seen by longyi-wearing, betel nut chewing hikers, their hospitality towards strangers, rustic and smiling street vendors and its pungent smells. The flapping saffron of the Buddhist monks’ robes is seen often around the crowded streets during their morning alms walks or sometimes in block-long lines. Wander around the streets and explore the nooks and crannies of the city slowly, visitors head to some of the most beautiful sights; linger in tea shops and get to know local delicacies.


Yangon Tour Packages 2021-2022

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