Visit Bagan

Wrapped on two sides by the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) River, with over 2,000 religious Buddhist temples, pagodas, stupas and ruins dating back more than 1500 years of history, Bagan is a must-go destination in Myanmar. Unlike the dense forested stone Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Bagan features a dusty plain interspersed with brick vestiges and sparse outcrops of straggly trees.

Visitors are extremely astonished at centuries-old monuments; from shape to construction, each building manifests Buddhism religion and each component part takes on spiritual meaning. With such a vast number of sites, it isn't difficult to find your own path to discover Bagan away from the crowds.

While sunrise and sunset get busy, the light is often magical after and before these lightshows -- and the temperatures kinder. Make sure you will take an idyllic sunset boat trip on the tranquil Ayeyarwaddy River to observe the stunning sunset over Bagan and conquer the hot atmosphere by a cold drink. It is a memorably reminiscent place to visit and explore.


Bagan Tour Packages 2021-2022

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