F1 breaks ground in Hanoi ahead of 2020 Vietnam Grand Prix

Formula 1 witnessed a ground-breaking event – literally – on March 21 as construction work officially commenced on the Hanoi Motor Sport Circuit, the track that will host the 2020 Vietnam Grand Prix, the country’s first ever F1 race.

Set to become the fourth proper street race on the F1 calendar next year, alongside Monaco, Singapore and Azerbaijan, the Hanoi track will run to 5.57km and feature 22 corners, some of them borrowing heavily from iconic tracks like Suzuka and the Nurburgring.

Turns 1 and 2 are based on the opening corners at Germany’s Nurburgring – known as a red zone for overtaking

Turns 12-15 have been inspired by a section of the famous Monaco street circuit, from Turn 1 and the run up the hill to Massenet

The Turn 16-19 sequence features fast changes of direction reminiscent of the sweeping iconic Esses at Suzuka

Designed by Tilke – the company that have given us tracks like the Circuit of The Americas and Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina – alongside F1’s own Motorsports team, the circuit looks primed to become one of the most challenging in F1, while also featuring one of the longest straights in the sport at 1.5km.

The circuit features long straights – one of which is 1.5km in length, with expected speeds of 335km/h through the speed trap

Source: formula1.com

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