Eviva Corporate Social Responsibility

Eviva Corporate Social Responsibility

Eviva Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities aim at contributing to the sustainable development of Vietnam through 2 main activities: Education and Environment Protection.

I. Education

  1. Building libraries and collecting old books for schools and communes in remote regions.
  2. Organizing PRO Guide Program to train the next tour guide generation in Vietnam
  3. Bringing old clothes and toys to the poor mountainous areas and the flood-hit areas
  4. Sharing knowledge and career orienting for tourism students through the “Career Talk” series at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, National Economics University, and British University Vietnam.
  5. Hosting student company visits: introduce departments in a travel company, sharing working experience to university students.
  6. Offering internship opportunities for students from universities in Hanoi: orientating, training for the real work, and recruiting if they show good performance.
  7. Participating actively in the tourism sector as the president of Responsible Travel Club, such as presenting and contributing constructive feedback during seminars, conferences organized by the Institute for Tourism Development Research, Vietnam Administration of Tourism, Vietnam Society of Travel Agents.
  8. Attending in Tourism management program (SECO project in Vietnam) and spread around the valuable information to contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam tourism. Proactively create strong networking among competitors and relevant organizations to increase the competitive power of the Vietnam tourism sector.


  1. Reduce nylon and plastic: Our aim is raising awareness of Vietnamese and can reduce the plastic amount by 5-10% in 2021.
  2. Planting more trees: Raise awareness about the importance of trees in the community and expect to plan more 5 million trees in Vietnam till 2030.
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