Warm and caring, local expertise and responsible are the common values of the whole Eviva team. Our members with the diversity in their background bring us a well-rounded view, understanding of many corners in life to create the best-fit services to our customers and partners.

And overall, if you come to the office, you can feel love inside, as the way our internal slogan goes “Solidarity makes gold”.


Chu Dinh Cuong | Director

With 2 master degrees from the US on quality control and engineering, and his background as the vice director of the business department of the biggest government company with 70,000 staff in Vietnam, LED lighting company and the leading business consultancy company, Cuong joined EVIVA since 2013. Since then, he has made tremendous change in terms of revenue increase, efficient, smart and focus ways of working in the company. Cuong’s passion is technology study, family, tennis, golf and reading.
Ms Doan Thu Trang

Doan Thi Thu Trang | Vice Director

Right after graduating from the leading university for tourism in Vietnam, Trang joined EVIVA since 2004 and has built the first generation of tour department in the company. With her cheerful, kind-hearted and caring characteristics, Trang always puts herself in the shoes of customers to share and support them. EVIVA is not only a workplace but as the 2nd family of Trang as she considers each and every colleague as brothers and sisters. Trang has great passion in travelling with her husband on motorbikes to discover new and off the beaten track places of Vietnam.
Ms Nguyen Bach Duong
Ms Le Thuy Nhung

Le Thuy Nhung | Tour Operations Manager

With tour operation and financial accounting background from the 2 prestige universities in Hanoi, Nhung has 13 years’ experience in travel industry in tour guide, operations and consultation. On technical work, Nhung has become highly experienced among the tour team for her tour operation as welll as travel consultancy across Vietnam and South-east Asian areas to customers; on office side, she has become a “sister” to all the office members, who takes care from the nap to all the “liner” and “brunch” of all the staff.
Ms Pham Thu Huong

EMILY Pham Thu Huong | Senior Product Executive

Graduated from Vietnam National University with 16 years of experience in tourism industry, Emily has touched different hospitality positions from guest relations, hotel booking, tour operation to product from different international hotels and companies before joining EVIVA. Traveling is Emily and her husband’s passion, Huong has travelled all around Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar to develop products and also for her own discovery. She has been a very pleasant team member of the company and produced the most excellent products for customers from classic to off the beaten track and especially sustainable and community-based tourism – her favorite type.

Ms Kieu Hong Thuy

Kieu Hong Thuy | Senior Travel Consultant

Qualifed as a hotel management and English bachelor, Thuy has committed to travel industry for 18 years including 4 years of sales adminstration for a Singapore company, 6 years of inbound tour operation for a Saigon-based tour company. During her 8 years at Eviva Tour Vietnam, Thuy has participated in many international travel fairs and has been an excellent member in organizing international and national events such as White House Fellowship to Vietnam, Tiger Rally famous caravan tour with left hand wheel and others. Thuy is very quiet in the company for her focus and high efficience at work and very humourous surprisingly to everyone.
Ms Nguyen Cam Le

Nguyen Thi Cam Le | Senior Travel Consultant

Le will be a very interesting travel consultant for you to work with. She has been not only a great partner but a nice friend to many European partners. Her English background and experience in travel sector has brought Le in-depth knowledge and passion in consultancy and tour operation, especially in northern highlands of Vietnam and adventure travel, as well as homestay and exploration tours. In the office, Le has been a very nice, cheerful and friendly staff who is loved by everyone in the office.
Mr Nguyen Thu Trang

ISABELLA Nguyen Thu Trang | Travel Consultant

With an Italian and English bachelor from Hanoi University, Isabelle started her career in tourism industry as a freelance tour guide. She later went on developing a strong skill base with expriences ranging from tour operator to tour sales and marketing. Isabelle has travelled across Laos, Cambodia and inspected thoroughly the north, middle and south west area of Vietnam. She is a commited, attentive and detail-oriented tour operator who would go the extra miles to ensure you a more than fulfilling trip.
Ms Vu Thanh Lan

LINDA Vu Thi Thanh Lan | Travel Consultant

Lan has experienced 9 years in the travel field from an Italian owned travel company and graduated from Hanoi University with both English, French and Finance-Banking. With the deep nature of kindness, caring and very nice behaviour, Lan is the most favorite travel consultant of the team to all the B2C and corporate customers.
Ms Hoang Huong Lan

Hoang Thi Huong Lan | Senior Travel Consultant

With 13 years of experience in travel sector, a strong background on the same field and a husband who is a famous tour guide, Lan has been an excellent Senior Tour Operator who gets appreciation from each and every customer she has worked with from B2C to B2B, from walk-in customers to ministry level partners. Cheerful, sweetly gentle and very much caring, Lan is more than happy to take care of your travel requests and ensure unforgettable experiences.
Ms Nguyen Bich Ngoc

KELLY Nguyen Bich Ngoc | Travel Consultant

Kelly with the background from a famous university in Hanoi has worked as visa inbound consultant for more than 3 years. She is warm-hearted and very attentive to customer inquires and is loved by all the team for her great responsibility. Before coming to Eviva Tour Vietnam, she has served as an editorial for website content. With her detail-oriented and caring nature, Ngoc places great emphasis on taking care of her customers and providing them enjoyable trips.
Ms Rosie Hong

ROSIE Nguyen Thi Hong | Travel Consultant

With the background of tourism from the Vietnam National University and 1.5 years as a sales executive from hotel, Rosie positioned her strong passion in travelling, meeting new people and has chosen EVIVA as the destination to fertilize her career tree. Rosie is an open-minded, responsive, dynamic and detail-oriented travel consultant. Let Rosie be your travel companion throughout your journey to Vietnam.

Ms Hanh Nguyen

CAROL Tran Nguyen Yen Hanh | Travel Consultant

Freshly graduating with Tourism and Hospitality management major from National Economic University and her great passion for travelling, she has travelled from North to South to explore Vietnam amazing coastline, beach and mountain. She loves the ancient Ha Noi, modern Sai Gon and peaceful Da Nang as well as exploring local culture in each and every destination of Vietnam. “Smile every mile” is also Hanh’s motto, for her “smile when you work, smile when you play, smile everyday and you will get the success”.

DAPHNE Le Thuy Dung | Travel Consultant

Having a deep passion for discovering various cultures from all around the world, Daphne has travelled to China, Singapore and the UK and more to come. She has taken a turning point in career by switching from finance to tourism and chosen Eviva with the desire to sharpen her knowledge about each destination. She considers Eviva, with green environment and friendly people, as her second home where she can bring the most caring services to ones who share the same passion with her.

HAYLEY Nguyen Thanh Huong | Travel Consultant

Passionate about travelling, discovering new lands and meeting new people, Hayley joined Eviva right before her dream trip to the UK, France and Italy. Her major in Banking & Finance and experience as an English teacher have cultivated in Haley a strong sense of responsibility and detail-orientation. This plays a crucial part in making her one of the strongest and most trusted visa consultants in our team. Her goal is to give customers highest quality service, attention and most pleasant travel experiences. Apart from travelling, she also loves spending time with her family and friends for coffee and street riding.
SOPHIE Hoang Thuy Ly | Travel Consultant

SOPHIE Hoang Thuy Ly | Travel Consultant

Sophie’s caring nature and burning passion for travelling across the stunning and mysterious land of Vietnam and Asia has driven her to join Eviva for a long-term journey as a travel consultant. Before graduating from National Economics University with a major in Business English, Sophie has been welcomed to Eviva as a fresh and promising travel consultant with her mission to connect Vietnam with the world. She has pushed herself everyday ever since to become one of the warmest, most helpful and trusted travel companion.


PENNY Nguyen Ngoc Diep | Travel Consultant

Penny’s passion for travel was spurred on as as she ventured across Vietnam to witness life of ethnic people, got lost in Cuc Phuong jungle and later found herself hooked on the thrill of exploration. Graduated with a degree in Banking and Finance, Penny entered tourism sector as she wished to travel and explore more of Vietnam, the world and its local people. As a young, dynamic and attentive person, she has become a beloved travel consultant who would enthusiastically support you from the very first step you take to Vietnam and every footstep followed.

Nhung Cao Eviva Tour

JOLIE Cao Hong Nhung | Travel Consultant

With 3-year experience of working in different hospitality positions from receptionist, guest relations and sales executive, Jolie found her passion for discovering various cultures from all around world and meeting new people. She has travelled from North to South the whole country to explore the exotic beauty of Vietnam, stunning landscapes, colorful cities and charming beaches. With the characteristics of responsible, detail-oriented, knowledgeable and caring attitude, Jolie is a sweet travel consultant to all our customers and staff.

Hong Trang Eviva Tour

ASHLEY Tran Thi Hong | Travel Consultant

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” by Saint Augustine is Ashley’s favorite quote. Her passion for discovering new lands, exploring cultures in each place led her to become a travel consultant at Eviva. With the background of languages and rich experience in education and travel, Ashley is a responsive, dynamic, supportive and passionate about her current job. You surely be at best hands when you work with Ashley.

HaThu Eviva Tour

MOON Ha Thi Thu | Tour Operator

After graduating from the Vietnam National University in tourism with 2-year experience being a waitress as a part-time job, Moon joined EVIVA as a tour operator. Eviva is not only a workplace but also her second family. Being a cheerful, kind-hearted and caring tour operator, she always puts herself in customer’s and co-worker’s shoes to share and support them. Apart from work, reading, learning new things, cooking, caring people and travelling are Moon’s great passions.

Trang Bui Eviva Tour

TRACY Bui Thi Trang | Travel Consultant

Tracy joined in tourism and hospitality industry right after graduating from National Economics University with major in Travel Management. She loves natural green and has a passion for exploring new lands and diverse cultures. She has traveled to many fascinating destinations from North to South of the whole Vietnam. To Tracy, bringing you interesting and fantastic trips with the best services is her goal and happiness. Tracy is always willing to be a companion while traveling in Vietnam.

Khanh Ly Eviva Tour

SARAH Nguyen Canh Ly | Tour Operator

Having a degree in Economics and Tourism helps Sarah have more confidence to enter Eviva. Sarah considers Eviva as an ideal and most inspired environment to develop herself and encourage all staffs to be creative in working, be enthusiastic and caring to customers, staff themselves and suppliers. She also a big fan of traveling which make her jump out of the comfort zone, meet so many new people and create unforgettable memories for her own life.

Ha Eviva Tour

HANNI Nguyen Thi Ngoc Ha | Tour Operator

Majoring in tourism and transport economics, Hanni has a dream to become the best tour operation executive in Vietnam and day by day has sharpened her strengths of organizational skill, dedication, diligence, enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. Having passion for tourism with the spirit of work hard, play hard and keep healthy, owing a smiling face, Hanni considers where smiles are, there would be happiness and always do her best to make sure customers smile every mile they take their journey in Vietnam.

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